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The Extreme Jacket returns for the AW2013 season – it seems appropriate to re-visit this piece of apparel having used it for much of last winter. As a company made up of cyclists – it’s interesting to hear the feedback on the Extreme Jacket, as it’s fairly conclusive….

“If you have one winter jacket, then this should be it!”
The jacket has coped with a wide temperature band, anything from 10 degree’s to well past freezing… complimented by a summer base layer, in milder conditions to our Thermic 250 LS base layer when the mercury plummets.

If you’re serious about your cycling and want to ride all the way through the winter… then this is the jacket for you!

Pro Cycling Magazine – Extreme Jacket
“Hugely impressive fit and performance” “This is the most feature packed jacket we’ve tested”

Cyclist Magazine – Extreme Jacket
“Sod the summer! …The jacket looks stunning and its soft shell outer will cope with all but the most torrential downpours

The jacket utilizes 3 weights of WindStopper Fabric, strategic placement and construction ensure you have the heavy weight warmth where it’s required, with the lighter weight, less thermal fabrics to help regulate your body temperature. In short you stay warm but without the associated overheating.

Panels have been cut, to ensure that anatomic fit, mirrors bodylines, no unwanted ripples of fabric. Side, zipped facing vents, with a mesh backing ensure airflow, without causing the jacket to bellow up or the rider to get chilled. It’s simple but really effective. Integrated thumb loops on the sleeves ensure complete closure from the elements. No annoying gaps for the wind chill to enter between sleeve and glove. The neck warmer is built into the collar of the jacket, easy to roll up and stow away should weather conditions improve. This feature seals out the elements – preventing cold air / drafts from entering. For me it’s one less thing to remember! The soft, high stretch fabric works well, breathable whilst providing just the right level of protection against the elements. On a side note I would recommend rolling down the neck warmer prior to stopping for that coffee 😉 A drop down tail fends off wheel splash from the wet roads, stows away via 3 snap buttons. This functions works well on cold dry days as the doubled up fabric offers welcomed additional warmth / protection for your lower back. 3 deep rear pockets for all the energy bars and gels you’re going to need for the 7hr ride! Being cold is no longer a valid excuse for turning home early…. As a cyclist sometimes the biggest battle is to get out the front door – when weather conditions are less than favourable. Knowing you have a piece of apparel that will keep you warm and comfortable is half the battle won!

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