Cismon del Grappa


Cismon del Grappa is just a handful of kilometers from Fonzaso; cut through to the outskirts of Arsie then pick up Via Chiesa and you’ll have stunning views of Lago di Corlo, en-route to Incino

Familiarity often deadens your senses and it would be all too easy to take this for granted if it weren’t so stunning. Each time I arrive in Cismon del Grappa happy.

In Spring 2012 a fire road was paved enabling access to the Monte Grappa. It’s a single-track road which switchbacks it’s way up the hillside, steep gradients interspersed with small moments of relief.

It provides a true mountain experience in the form of solitude. You’ll be unlucky to see a car or any sign of life on this mountain road.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that they gave up paving the road as you approach the top. The last km is still a dirt track before it intersects the saddle of the main climb proper. (From Caupo) But it’s seemingly fitting for a climb that only a cyclist would want ride.

In the words of Sportful Brand Manager: Steve Smith. “They paved this for us!”

We’d like to think so…


Photographer: Phil Gale.

Featuring Matteo Tosatto (Tinkoff Saxo) who climbed from Cismon del Grappa on his “rest day” What a legend!

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