Contador Day – the best Monday ever…

The SportfulAlberto Contador Day’, was something pretty special… It represented an opportunity for our Italian dealers to meet a champion and for us, a chance to share the Sportful philosophy, the history and the future of the brand.

So in no particular order let us share some of the highlights of the day… The people and events of the best Monday ever! (And probably the wettest!)

Even the biggest of champions need team mates and Alberto is no exception, cycling is a team sport after all. Manuele Boaro and Matteo Tosatto are two of the best, incredibly talented in their own right and pivotal to their leader’s success. Generous with their time, they provided an insight and stories that a TV camera will never capture.


Fiandre Light No Rain Top: Like all the best inventions, you don’t realise how great a product is until you’re totally reliant on it.

Imagine having an outside layer that offers a high degree of water repellency, wind protection with almost no compromise to breathability. With the correct layering beneath, it’s possible to ride with the ‘Top’ zipped up rain or shine.

Steve Smith: Sportful Brand Manager describes it as “a vest but only better”

It’s an analogy that you’ll struggle with until you wear it!

Fortunately Giuseppe Lira –Italian Sales Manager, arranged some horrific weather, to ensure everyone experienced the true potential of this wonder piece! Good job Giuseppe 😉

(Each dealer received a Fiandre Light No Rain Top. Available in stores September)


It is of course easy to understand why you would be inspired by some of the sporting greats, Pietro Piller Cottrer, Antonio Rossi… were in attendance.

But equally so, the employees of the Sportful brand, there was a real buzz in the factory that day.

As a company we’re collectively strong and we make a great team. A factory tour meant our dealers could see this wealth of expertise first hand.  Family owned, still manufacturing, forever innovating. The motivation that inspired Dr. Cremonese to branch out into sporting apparel decades ago still remains.



Alberto Contador is not only a great champion on the bike but a good guy too! Listening to the man speak he is modest about his achievements thus far but certainly driven and focused on the season ahead.

Every request for an autograph was met with a smile a lot of people went home that night, happy to have shaken the hand of A.C.

For those that brought bikes there was an opportunity to ride and “race” against Contador – the Chrono Scalata Contador!

Despite the weather, 8 degrees and sideways rain, we rolled out the factory car park and completed a small “warm up” loop before attacking the climb to the small village of Faller!

A.C gave everyone a head start before rapidly closing the gap and passing us all! Incredibly impressive to witness first hand the speed and fluidity with which Alberto climbs.

For all those that attended, thanks so much for making the wettest Monday ever. The best Monday ever!

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  1. Looks like a typical day in Ireland, the Flandre Light NoRain top will be very popular here!!
    Maybe it will make me a better climber too??? 😉

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