The mid-week adventure

Longer days lend themselves to the mid-week adventure; now the sun doesn’t drop until late into the evening, escapism via the bike is not just for the weekend.

The lesser road travelled, the so-called “short cut” is always the first choice, if it’s an overgrown dirt track, then so much the better…

1st Photob

While a disc equipped “gravel bike” might make more sense, riding a “road bike” is without doubt, the more satisfying.

That road bike speed blurs the yellow rapeseed; the bridle-way crisscrosses the farmer’s fields… Momentarily disorientated at each intersection… getting lost is all part of the plan.

2nd photo b

All roads and dirt tracks will eventually lead to a pub… A quick pint and a few laughs are all part of the mid-week adventure.

3rd Photo b

Photo Credit: Taylor Tulip-Close

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