The Perfect Balance – The NEW Fiandre NoRain Bibtight

The new Fiandre Bibtight: THE perfect solution for imperfect conditions

The new Fiandre NoRain Bibtight: THE perfect solution for imperfect conditions

Striking the perfect balance in life is a quandary we all face. Work versus family life, beers versus hangover… Important, daily considerations… Too much of one will have an impact on the other.

And so this balancing act applies to the design of the Fiandre NoRain Bibtight: Weather protection versus range of movement.

For autumn / winter 2015 we have the NEW Fiandre NoRain Bibtight. It shares the same name as its predecessor, the same concept but a design solution that is now perfect in its execution.

The bib-tight is constructed from 2 weights of fabric. The primary fabric is Sportful’s NoRain Thermal. You’ll find this warm, stretchy fabric throughout the tight. It has a soft-brushed fleece backing that sits well against the skin. The exterior face of the fabric has our NoRain Nano Technology. The associated benefits are well known; excellent water repellency and perfect for light rain showers… causing water to bead and roll off the fabric…

However with heavy rain even this wonder fabric has it’s limitations.

Sometimes you just have to check…The Fiandre Bib-Tight feel so good! ☺

Sometimes you just have to check…The Fiandre Bibtght feel so good! ☺

So began the search for a complimentary 2nd layer – something that would enhance the weather protection without effecting range of movement / overall fit.

Step forward… No Rain Light; A non-thermal version of the aforementioned; lighter and stretchier in structure.

This fabric forms that secondary weather barrier; it’s placed on the thighs and knees (All areas that are susceptible to driving rain) and forms an additional layer on the rear panel of the bib-tight. The benefits are obvious as soon as it starts to rain…

Strike a pose…

Strike a pose…The rear flap of NoRain Light bounces wheelspray away from your rear

The secondary layer found on the rear panel of the bib-tight is held taught against the body, the lower edge is left detached with no need for an additional seam that would inadvertently affect the fit / comfort of the tight.

The lower edge sits flush against the top of the saddle, never catching but providing the perfect barrier against wheel splash.

Rain soaked roads - if the water isn’t falling from the sky….

Rain soaked roads – if the water isn’t falling from the sky….

Having now found that equilibrium in weather protection versus range of movement the impact on riding bikes versus everything else in life may well be out of balance.


Words: Paul Whitfield

Photos: Taylor Tulip Close

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