What’s Cooler Than Cool? Custom Kit

A favourite combination, coffee and cycling - Caffeinated vibes from Sportful retailer G!RO Cycles.

A favourite combination, coffee and cycling – Caffeinated vibes from Sportful retailer G!RO Cycles.

Of all the things that a cyclist can own, a custom kit of your own design has to be up there in the pecking order of “must have’s”… Sharing this experience with friends (preferably one’s that ride bikes!) is second to none.


A “new kit day” as we all know – is a good day.


Representing your cycling club, company, local cafe or “wolf pack”… in a professional way that even Oleg Tinkov would approve of has never been easier.

La Datcha custom BodyFit kit for Pro Team Tinkoff - Oleg Tinkoff gives it the thumbs up

La Datcha custom BodyFit kit for Pro Team Tinkoff – Oleg Tinkov gives it the thumbs up

Here’s our 10-step guide to rolling like you’ve signed that pro contract with Tinkoff…


Step 1 – Go to Sportful.com and click on the Custom Clothing tab / Info and simply click on the download order form. (This will give you the design templates as below)

Step 2Click on Cycling Products on the pull down tab. Within the custom collection we have 2 main lines to choose from.

BodyFit Pro This is the same apparel as issued to Tinkoff-Saxo. Form fitting with an emphasis on aerodynamics and performance.

Custom Team “Club fit” boxier and a little more forgiving in terms of fit / cut. Quality apparel at a lower, more affordable price point.


Step 3Decide which pieces of apparel / models you’d like and get designing. Use the custom kit template to mock up your design. This can be with Adobe Illustrator or simply with a set of pens….

Sharp clean designs or crazy wild and colourful – we love them all!

…if you can find them… LADS.CC Sportful custom kit

Step 4 – At this stage send us an email sportful.team@mvc46.eu we’ll be able to put you in touch with your friendly country representative who’ll guide you through the next steps / processes.


Step 5 – Email your country representative your artwork and any logos you may want to use (preferably in a vector format)

With the help of our talented design team… Enrico, Deborah, Davide, Angelo to name but a few… we’ll put your dream design into a production reality.


Step 6 – With the help of your country representative; arrange an opportunity to try on the custom kit samples to confirm sizes.


Step 7 – Fill out the order form with the sizes / models required. (Note: there is a 10-piece minimum per item)

Delivery & invoice information and send it to your country representative.


Step 8 An order confirmation form will be raised and a 30% deposit will be requested. Once this has been paid your custom kit will go into production. (Normally 8 weeks)


Step 9 – On completion the balance will be requested. Once received your custom kit will ship to your preferred delivery address


Step 10 – Go ride in your Sportful custom kit – being the envy of all your friends who decided not to order any…

Cyclist Magazine rolling in comfort & style


Photos: G!RO, Bettini Photo, Philipp Nemenz Photography – www.nemenz.de, Brazo di Hierro

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