Milano – Sanremo: The Classicissima

Tinkoff at the front of 2015 Milano-Sanremo by BrakeThrough Media

Milan Sanremo – an odd race… extremely long, yet often finishes in a sprint… mostly flat, yet features 3 three climbs designed to make it harder for the sprinters… finishes in a sunny beach resort, yet famed for terrible weather…

The first editions of the race were notable for their extreme cold, the first race in 1907 had only 14 finishers and in 1910 a snowstorm hit the race hard, forcing the peloton to hide in houses along the road – only 4 riders finished the race.

Later editions have suffered similar conditions, with the 2013 race halted by blizzards and re-started further along the route, after a bus transfer and a change of clothing.

Michael Morkov braves the snow in his Survival Jacket – 2013 race by Gruber Images

2015’s race was slightly warmer but featured torrential rain, they say the race isn’t run by the fastest sprinter, but the toughest rider.

For the peloton it’s one of the races where clothing matters the most – get it wrong and you will be in the broom wagon with hypothermia, get it right and you will be in the sprint on the Via Roma.

Last year Tinkoff worked hard to get Peter Sagan in the mix for the final sprint, here’s Manuele Boaro talking about his 250km turn at the front in our Fiandre clothing…

This year the forecast is looking unseasonably pleasant, but with a fresh start in the morning and a cold descent of the Turchino you can still expect to see Tinkoff riders in their Fiandre kit…

You can find our Fiandre range here – Fiandre by Sportful

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