The Fiandre NoRain Team Bibtight


Our original Fiandre NoRain bibtight won just about every group test and was one of our best selling products – offering excellent performance, a comfy seat pad and great value for money. So we had to get it’s replacement perfect!


Fortunately the Fiandre NoRain Team bibtight still has all those key elements and more. The main improvement we’ve made is to the fit – especially around the knees and ankles, giving it a much more ergonomic pattern that doesn’t bunch up when pedalling. We’ve also added reflective details on the rear and side of the legs for improved visibility in low winter light.


It retains the popular BodyFit Pro low profile seat pad that is comfortable even in wet conditions and the fleecy NoRain thermal fabric that retains heat and repels rain and road spray.

The Fiandre NoRain Team Bibtight is available now, see the full product specifications HERE.

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